Expert Tax Services in Staten Island, NY

Tax Preparation & Filing

Staten Island Tax Services provides comprehensive support for individual and business tax preparation. Your expert tax return preparer can assist you with all aspects of maximizing your tax planning.

Tax Planning & Strategy

Your certified tax preparer will work with you to identify tax-saving opportunities. We create a plan to minimize your liability through careful planning while utilizing all available deductions and tax credits.

Business Compliance

As a full service tax preparation company, we stay up to date with all state and federal tax laws and regulations, while representing the individual or business during IRS audits or other tax-related investigations.

Sales Tax

Staten Island Tax Services offers comprehensive services such as preparing and filing sales tax returns, as well as assisting with compliance and remittance of taxes.

Payroll Tax

Your tax return preparer provides services such as calculating and withholding payroll taxes, preparing and filing payroll tax returns, and helping businesses stay compliant with state and federal payroll tax laws and regulations.

IRS Notice Response

If you’ve recived a letter from the IRS, you need to move quickly. We act as your partner, helping you navigate through the vast IRS landscape.  This service includes corresponding with the IRS to resolve any outstanding issues. 

Our Specialty Tax Services

As your trusted tax preparation company, the team at Staten Island Tax Services offers everything you need to ensure that the financial success of your business is maximized. By working with a certified tax preparer, you can take the hard work out of tax time each year, minimizing your tax liability so that you can protect your hard-earned revenue. We work closely with you create a plan that encompasses your specific goals while offering personalized service from beginning to end.

Staten Island Tax Services gives you the peace of mind, that your taxes are prepared properly and on time. We prepare state and federal tax returns, identifying all possible deductions so that you can reduce the amount of taxes that you owe. We ensure that you are always compliant with state and federal tax laws and regulations, and also assist during IRS audits.

At Staten Island Tax Services, you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to income tax, withholding payroll tax, sales tax returns as well as remittance of taxes. To find out more about our services, schedule your consultation today by calling us at (646) 670-1116.

Minimize Liability

Reduce taxes paid with expert tax preparation services that you can count on.

Find Deductions

Consult with us to claim all deductions that you may be eligible for.

Peace of Mind

Know that your taxes are always prepared for total compliance.

Build A Solid Future

We can assist you with planning your taxes so that you can meet your goals.

"I have been using Mike for my business and family accounting for years and always refer him as a trusted individual."

Andrew H.