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At Staten Island Tax Services, we recognize the importance of securing your financial stability and making well-informed decisions for your future. As your Certified Public Accountant (CPA), we offer a wide range of tax and accounting services for businesses and individuals that demand perfection and want a timely and seamless experience. We offer services that focus on the finer details, so whether you need tax preparation, support in filing or staying in compliance, our experts are here to assist you.

Full Service Accounting Firm

As your dedicated business or personal tax accountant, our team works with you to build a strategy and avoid red flags and engage with you throughout the year, ensuring you are making the right moves for tax purposes. Your tax accountant will assist with all aspects of the process, including preparation, reporting, budgeting and more. We also consult with businesses helping them avoid costly mistakes and oversights, giving you peace of mind with every filing.

Tax Return Preparer

Your certified tax preparer at Staten Island Tax Services can assist you in navigating the complex world of taxes. We can consult you in determining what deductions and claims you can make to minimize your tax liability, while ensuring compliance at the local, state and federal level. Our goal is to assist you in optimizing your tax strategy for personal or business tax filings, helping you to make the most of your financial resources.

Our CPA Services in Staten Island, NY


Tax Preparation & Filing

As your trusted tax preparation company in Staten Island, NY, we assist individuals and businesses in preparing taxes, optimizing claims and deductions to reduce liability. Your tax accountant will assist with income tax for individual returns, and sales and payroll taxes for businesses.

Tax Consulting & Planning

We offer consulting services to help businesses improve operations and financial performance, such as avoiding red flags and identifying cost savings opportunities.


IRS Notice Compliance

Have you received a letter from the IRS?  If so, don’t take it lightly or you can be consumed in penalties and interest. No need to panic, we can help you handle the correspondence with the IRS.  Sometimes without having to make a single phone call or visiting an IRS office.


Payroll Processing & Management

We handle all aspects of payroll, including calculating and withholding taxes, preparing and issuing paychecks, and maintaining accurate records of employee compensation.


Financial Statement Preparation

Your business tax accountant prepares financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements, providing mission critical insight into a business’s financial health. These statements are necessary for internal management, as well as for external stakeholders.


Bookkeeping & Recording

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping services to keep your financial records organized and accurate. This includes maintaining ledgers, reconciling bank statements, and preparing financial statements.


What sets Staten Island Tax Services apart from other CPA firms in the area?

Staten Island Tax Services is committed to providing highly accurate services thanks to our attention to detail. We ensure that you stay compliant, while preparing for financial security.

How does your firm stay up to date on changes in tax laws and regulations specific to Staten Island NY?

We subscribe to professional organizations as well as stay on top of changes in the laws and regulations through comprehensive education and training.

How can your firm assist me with tax planning and preparation for small business in Staten Island?

We assist you with tax planning and preparation by identifying ways in which you can minimize your liability from year to year, while identifying any and all deductions that you can claim.

About Michael

Michael A. Malfi is a highly skilled and experienced Certified Public Accountant with a strong background in real estate tax. From 2016 to 2022, he worked as a tax consultant for major accounting firms KPMG and PWC, specializing in real estate taxation for well-established partnerships and corporations. Now, he brings his expertise to his local Staten Island community by providing premier service to individuals, trusts, and small businesses. Michael is proud to serve his hometown community and is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their financial goals.